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Прием иностранных граждан для обучения на английском языке / Training of foreign students in English


In 2018 the faculty of pre-university training of Gomel State Medical University starts enrolling foreign students to the preparatory department for training in English

Submission of documents for issuing the invitations starts from 01.06.2018

Subjects studied: Chemistry, Biology, Russian and English languages

Classes start on 01.10.2018

Period of studies is 7-9 months(1 academic year).

Upon completing the training the students are given a certificate of completing the preparatory course which enables them to enter high education institutions of Belarus and UIC countries. 

Students who completed the preparatory course and successfully passed the exams in the studied subjects are enrolled for the first year of the faculty for training specialists for foreign countries.


Invitation issuing

To issue an invitation, the following documents are required:

- application (to be filled in at the dean’s office);

- a copy of the passport, translated into Russian and notarized;

- copies of education documents (secondary education certificate) translated into Russian and notarized.


Documents for issuing the invitation are sent to the university:

- By post (postal address: УО «Гомельский государственный медицинский университет», Факультет довузовской подготовки ул. Ланге 5,246000, г. Гомель, Республика Беларусь, «Факультет довузовской подготовки», 209 кабинет);

- bye-mail (E-mail: pre-univer-edu@gsmu; byor Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript );

- by fax: + 375 232 35 98 38.


The study invitation is issued within 30 working days and is valid for 3 months.


In case of sending documents by e-mail, their originals are submitted upon arriving for studies.

The person who invites is required to submit a copy of the passport with valid registration and indicate his status within the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Enrollment for the preparatory department

 Анкета / Information list

  Заявление о приеме / Sample application

1. Submit the following documents to the dean’s office of the faculty of pre-university training (str. Lange 5, room 209):

-  a valid passport with an entry visa to the Republic of Belarus translated into Russian and notarized;

birth certificate translated into Russian and notarized;

original secondary school examination certificate; 

10 photos sized 4хсm;

medical certificate, certified by the health authority of the country, translated into Russian and notarized;

a certificate of negative HIV infection issued by the country's health authority, translated into Russian.


2. Sign the contract for training and pay for the entire period of training in US dollars within 3 days from the date of signing the contract, to the current university bank account:

р/с BY17АКВВ36329000002753000000

ф-л № 300-ГОУ АСБ «Беларусбанк»,

код банка  АКВВВY21300  УНП  400022681 ОКПО 14789497.

Tuition paying outside the Republic of Belarus is carried out in a non-cash form as a bank transfer to the current bank account of Gomel State Medical University:

Benef.Bank Account 36316365

Intermediary Bank Code CITIUS33

Intermediary Bank                                             

Citibank N.A., NEW YORK Beneficiarys

Bank Code AKBBBY21300

Beneficiarys Bank                                                         



Beneficiary Information

   For medical Gomel State University BY33АКВВ36329000005523000000


3.Undergo primary medical examination in Gomel Regional Clinical Polyclinic (Artema St., 4) and receive a certificate for moving in the hostel and for a medical examination. 

4. After registering the contract for training you need to get a temporary registration (temporary residence permission) for the period of studies in the Republic of Belarus.  

The passport must be registered within 5 days after arriving in the Republic of Belarus.

The registered passport is given back after having the medical certificate and paying the tuition fee.




The university provides accomadation for foreign students:

hostel in Rechitsky Prospect, 121;

hostel in Sovetskaya street, 170.

To reserve a room in the hostel, one should inform about the date and time of the arrival two days before moving in and get the information about the location of the hostel.


The following documents are required for moving in:

- passport;

- 5 photos;

- medical certificate

You can rent an apartment in the city.The cost of a rented apartment depends on its comfort and location and ranges from 100 to 200 US dollars per month.



1. The registration state duties:

entry visa - 46.00 bel. rub.;

- entry and exit visa - 69.00 bel. rub.;

- changing the place (address) of residence place - 11.50 bel. rub.;

- temporary stay registration - 23.00 bel. rub.;

- temporary residence registration - 69.00 bel. rub. for ONE year.

2. Compulsory medical insurance (issued at the university) - 170 euros for ONE year;

3. Compulsory primary medical examination - payment on the spot (about USD 50); 

4. Accommodation in the hostel - from 67.00 bel. rub. up to 80.00 bel. rub. (per person per month).




The tuition fee is 2 300 US dollars for the academic year (2018-2019 )

Подготовительное отделение для иностранных граждан с английским языком обучения в 2018-2019 уч. году – 2 300 $ (две тысячи триста долларов США).

Дисциплины по выбору: английский язык, медицинская и биологическая физика.



Учреждение образования «Гомельский государственный медицинский университет»

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e-mail: gsmu@gsmu.by

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